High School Financial Literacy Lesson Plans

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High School Financial Literacy Lesson Plans

Financial literacy is a topic that is required to be incorporated in high school curriculums throughout Ohio. As a service to our state’s educators, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, Consumer Protection Section, has created financial literacy lesson plans specifically relating to consumer protection and presentations that can be used as classroom lessons.

Educators should feel free to use some or all of the content to help teach students about several important aspects of consumerism, one element to the statewide Financial Literacy Academic Content Standards.

The lessons contain seven modules, each containing a downloadable lesson plan and presentation:

Module Lesson Plan Presentation
Advertisements and Shopping Lesson Plan Presentation
Auto Repairs and Services Lesson Plan Presentation
Borrowing Money Lesson Plan Presentation
Entering into Contracts Lesson Plan Presentation
Identity Theft Lesson Plan Presentation
Scams Targeting Students Lesson Plan Presentation
How to Resolve Consumer Problems Lesson Plan Presentation