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The Attorney General’s Office provides a wide array of services and expertise to support the mission of Ohio’s Prosecuting Attorneys.  From pre-indictment investigation, to trial preparation and prosecution, to appellate assistance, the Attorney General’s Office is a one-stop resource.

From Investigation . . .

BCI is available from the earliest stages of criminal investigation and is truly a one-stop solution.   From crime scene investigation to advanced criminal intelligence analysis, BCI will help you assemble the strongest possible case.  BCI is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  They provide no-cost assistance with crime scene analysis, criminal intelligence work, and laboratory processing of evidence gathered at a scene. 

The Organized Crime Investigation Commission is a great resource for local law enforcement looking to combat organized criminal activity, such as public corruption or drug conspiracies.  OCIC also offers advanced audio/visual enhancement of analog or digital evidence.  

To Trial . . .

The Special Prosecutions Section is composed of career prosecutors who try serious felony cases throughout Ohio. The Section’s prosecutors provide pre-trial consultation on complex criminal matters and serve as trial litigators on serious or conflict-of-interest cases for County Prosecutors. The Unit has on-staff experts in homicides, child sex offenses, white collar crime, public corruption, and prescription drug abuse. The Criminal Justice Section’s Capital Crimes Unit works to uphold lawfully imposed death sentences in federal court. The Unit provides assistance to county prosecutors at the trial level in death penalty cases, when requested, and also participates with the County Prosecutor in responding to clemency requests prior to execution.

The Consumer Protection Section’s Economic Crimes Division is composed of experienced prosecutors and investigators tasked with assisting local law enforcement and prosecutors with identifying, investigating, and prosecuting crimes, such as Telecommunications Fraud, Theft, and Engaging in Patterns of Corrupt Activity relating to consumer transactions.  The Division’s staff has developed working relationships with many credit card processors, VOIP and Internet service providers, and money transfers companies, which enables the Division to serve as a resource for law enforcement in complex and technology-facilitated theft and fraud investigations.  With prosecutors and investigators stationed in Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati, the Economic Crimes Division is prepared to respond to requests for assistance statewide.

And Beyond . . .

The Appeals Section, headed by the Solicitor General of Ohio, is composed of experts in state and federal appellate litigation.  The Appeals Section attorneys track major trends in Ohio’s appellate courts, and are available for consultation on complex appellate cases.  In some instances, they appear in support of County Prosecutors through amicus briefs to the Ohio Supreme Court.  In addition, they may be able to provide assistance with moot courts for advocates appearing before the Court.  They have also provided litigation assistance for United States Supreme Court filings. 

The Opinions Section responds to questions of law posed by County Prosecutors.  Prosecuting attorneys are welcome to submit questions on nearly every aspect of criminal law covered by the constitution and revised code.  Previous opinions have covered substantive legal questions—such as what constitutes the elements of an offense—and procedural questions under the Rules of Criminal Procedure and Evidence.  Opinions are not limited to criminal matters, and County Prosecutors may request opinions on civil or common law matters as well.

The Opinions Section welcomes formal or informal requests for opinions, and issues both formal written opinions as well as provides informal legal consultation to county prosecutors.  Although the Section’s formal written opinions are non-binding, they are consider authoritative and are frequently cited by Ohio courts. 

Our Constitutional Offices Sunshine Law team provides free trainings to county prosecutors on the nuances of public records and open-meetings law; two issues you are bound to encounter frequently.  The Sunshine Law Team is the Attorney General’s in-house expert on both areas of law, and team members stay up-to-date on the ever-changing contours and nuances of Ohio’s governmental transparency laws.