Organized Crime Investigations Commission
Rocky Nelson, Executive Director

Rocky Nelson

Executive Director

Matthew Hilbert, Deputy Director

Matthew Hilbert

Deputy Director

Section Phone Number: 614-277-1000
AGO Help Center: 800-282-0515

What is “organized criminal activity”?

Organized criminal activity" means any combination or conspiracy to engage in activity that constitutes "engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity;"

Any criminal activity that relates to the corruption of a public official, or of a public servant;

Or any violation, combination of violations, or conspiracy to commit one or more violations of section

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Organized Crime Investigations Commission

Established in 1986, the Organized Crime Investigations Commission assists local law enforcement agencies in combatting organized crime and corrupt activities.  The Commission is composed of members of the law enforcement community, and is chaired by the Ohio Attorney General.  They review complaints of organized crime and corrupt activities and monitor current investigations.

Civilian Complaints

Any person can file a complaint with the Commission requesting the investigation of organized crime or corrupt activities.  Complaints filed with OCIC are confidential under Ohio law.  If your complaint does not lead to criminal charges, it will never be subject to disclosure.  If your complaint does lead to criminal charges, your complaint is confidential until criminal charges are filed, at which time it is still subject to certain Law Enforcement public records exemptions. Go to submit a complaint for more details. Please note, the complaint form must be completed and submitted using a laptop or desktop computer. 

Law Enforcement Proposals

When law enforcement submits a proposal to form an organized crimes tasks force, they should outline the scope and specifics of the investigation; a summary of the suspected criminal activity and targets involved; a plan for the investigation including time frame and counties involved; a list of participating agencies and prosecutors’ offices; a list of resources each agency will contribute; and an outline of what is expected from OCIC, such as funds for confidential informants or the purchase of contraband, electronic surveillance equipment, technical support, vehicles, office space, or other equipment not available from local sources.  Please email to be contacted by our staff to discuss a proposal (please indicate your affiliation with a law enforcement agency).

Audio/Visual Technical Expertise

OCIC supports local law enforcement by providing advanced audio/visual restoration and enhancement.  Using sophisticated software and training, the OCIC’s A/V experts provide: forensic audio and video analysis, tape authenticity, forensic animation (producing 3D reconstructions of a crime scene and 3D still prints), reconstruction of damaged tapes, digital prints, analog and digital audio and video duplication, and format changes.  OCIC may also lend assistance with criminal intelligence analysis and clerical support.