Requested by: Vinton County Prosecuting Attorney
The opinion indicates that a board of county commissioners has no authority to reimburse county officers and employees for premiums incurred by them for securing health insurance coverage from a source other than the county, but that the board may establish a Section 125 cafeteria plan (R.C. 305.171[F]), or an opt-out payment plan as to health insurance coverage (R.C. 305.171[G]).


Requested by: Guernsey County Prosecuting Attorney
In situations of jail overcrowding, a county sheriff is required to transport excess prisoners to another county jail, and the transporting county must pay the receiving county for the costs of housing such prisoners in accordance with R.C. 341.12-14.


Requested by: Putnam County Prosecuting Attorney
This opinion answers several questions about the authority of a political subdivision to spend moneys generated from payments in lieu of taxes under R.C. 5727.75 on public improvement projects.


Requested by: Cuyahoga County Prosecuting Attorney
No individual employed in a security position by a private or public school may be armed while on duty unless he or she has completed an approved basic peace officer training program, or has completed twenty years of active duty as a police officer. R.C. 109.78(D). An individual who is employed by a school in a non-security position may carry a deadly weapon while on duty pursuant to the written authorization of the board or governing body. R.C. 2923.122(D)(1)(a).


Requested by: Madison County Prosecuting Attorney
Addresses certain questions related to continuing obligations of a subdivision which has withdrawn from a R.C. 505.71 joint ambulance district as to debts, fixed charges, and continuing operating expenses of the district.


Requested by: Lake County Prosecuting Attorney
The positions of assistant county prosecuting attorney and that of special prosecuting attorney are incompatible with either the position of municipal court magistrate or appointed, temporary municipal judge serving in a municipal court within the same county.


Requested by: Ottawa County Prosecuting Attorney
Compatibility: A person may serve simultaneously as a township trustee and a natural resources officer in the classified service of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, provided that the position of township trustee is filled by nonpartisan election. As a member of the board of township trustees, the person shall refrain from discussions, deliberations, negotiations, or votes concerning any potential mutual aid compact between the township and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.


Requested by: Department of Education
Pursuant to Article II, Section 20 of the Ohio Constitution, if the State Board of Education amends its policies and procedures manual to increase the activities and number of hours for which voting members of the Board may be compensated, a board member may not take advantage of the increases during his or her current term of office.


Requested by: Guernsey County Prosecuting Attorney
The opinion addresses a number of questions incident to the responsibilities of Guernsey County to pay a part of the compensation of a number of officers and employees of the Cambridge Municipal Court.


Requested by: Guernsey County Prosecuting Attorney
Several questions regarding the application of Crim. R. 16 and the use of Matrix in criminal discovery.

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