Requested by: Erie County Prosecuting Attorney
Cellular telephone number may be listed by county engineer on plans for a public improvement project.


Requested by: Treasurer of State
Participation of credit unions and the Treasurer of State in the agricultural and business linked deposit programs


Requested by: Mahoning County Prosecuting Attorney
Maximum salary for township trustees specified in R.C. 505.24 does not include value of heath care benefits provided pursuant to R.C. 505.60.


Requested by: Lake County Prosecuting Attorney
Appointment of county employee to serve in place and stead of appointing official on hearing board of a county board of revision.


Requested by: Secretary of State
A county board of elections may adopt and implement a hybrid voting system.


Requested by: Lorain County Prosecuting Attorney
Authority of a board of county commissioners to contract and pay for addiction and recovery support services.


Requested by: Butler County Prosecuting Attorney
Authority of county sheriff to establish and operate special rescue teams; appropriation of moneys for the county sheriff.


Requested by: Clinton County Prosecuting Attorney
Authority of a county sheriff, court of common pleas, and board of county commissioners to provide security measures in a county courthouse.


Requested by: Madison County Prosecuting Attorney
Authority to direct the administration of emergency medical care at the scene of a fire in the City of London.


Requested by: Wood County Prosecuting Attorney
Compatibility: pursuant to village ordinance, the mayor of the Village of Pemberville may also serve as a member of the village zoning board of appeals, provided the simultaneous service does not violate the Ohio ethics laws.

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