Requested by: Geauga County Prosecuting Attorney
Authorized locations of particular county offices and agencies within the county.


Requested by: Cuyahoga County Prosecuting Attorney
Operation of a Queen of Hearts game.


Requested by: Stark County Prosecuting Attorney
Board of education and property owner settling case before county board of revision; payment by property owner to board of education to dismiss or stipulate to value.


Requested by: Adams County Prosecuting Attorney
Board of county commissioners may expend motor vehicle fuel excise tax revenues to purchase building to store road repair equipment, but not land upon which building is located.


Requested by: Fayette County Prosecuting Attorney
Emergency medical services provided to township by county organization under R.C. 307.05.


Requested by: Hardin County Prosecuting Attorney
Compatibility: subject to limitations, county commissioner may serve as member of the board of directors of a bank that is a public depository of county moneys.


Requested by: Fairfield County Prosecuting Attorney
Duties of a county commissioner for the purpose of the vacancy in office provision of R.C. 305.03(A)(1).


Requested by: Defiance County Prosecuting Attorney
Consequences under R.C. 3313.33 when a member of a board of education has a prohibited pecuniary interest in a lease between the board and a limited liability company.


Requested by: Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney
Interpretation of language authorizing a county to transfer moneys from in its county and transit authority Medicaid sales tax transition fund.


Requested by: Carroll County Prosecuting Attorney
Revenue generated by a tax levied under R.C. 5705.19(BB) may be expended for the increased operating costs of a countywide 9-1-1 system.

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