Requested by: Morrow County Prosecuting Attorney
Section 339.06 of the Ohio Revised Code, as amended in 1972, authorizes a board of county hospital trustees to hire, by contract or as salaried employees, consultants as the board determines are necessary and desirable to assist in the management of the operation of the county hospital, and to use county operating funds to pay the cost of the same. The expenditure must be for a proper public purpose, and the board is afforded significant discretion in making that determination. Whether a particular expenditure of a board of county hospital trustees for this purpose constitutes an abuse of discretion is beyond the scope of an opinion of the Attorney General. (1961 Op Att’y Gen. No. 2188 and 1961 Op. Att’y Gen. No. 2397 overruled as a result of legislative enactment.)


Requested by: Licking County Prosecuting Attorney
A township fiscal officer may not serve as the township’s cemetery sexton or caretaker, and receive compensation for providing services as cemetery sexton or caretaker in addition to the compensation allowed for the position of fiscal officer. A township fiscal officer may not receive compensation for maintaining the township cemetery plat or record of deeds in addition to the compensation allowed for the position of fiscal officer.


Requested by: Lawrence County Prosecuting Attorney
A court of common pleas, by rule, may appoint a standing process server in civil cases. A civil party may request personal service in an action by filing a written request. For good cause, a court, on the motion of a party or at its own instance, may appoint an alternative process server in a particular matter.


Requested by: Geauga County Prosecuting Attorney
Authority of a county to recover erroneously distributed motor vehicle fuel excise tax revenues, which county officers may initiate or decline to initiate an action to recover those revenues, and the statute of limitations for such actions.


Requested by: Carroll County Prosecuting Attorney
Methods by which a board of county commissioners may dispose of a laptop computer previously purchased for the use of a county officeholder.


Requested by: Geauga County Prosecuting Attorney
County engineer may not transfer to county auditor the duty to pay and supervise county tax map draftsmen,


Requested by: State Board of Education
Gubernatorial appointments to the State Board of Education.


Requested by: Erie County Prosecuting Attorney
Cellular telephone number may be listed by county engineer on plans for a public improvement project.


Requested by: Treasurer of State
Participation of credit unions and the Treasurer of State in the agricultural and business linked deposit programs


Requested by: Mahoning County Prosecuting Attorney
Maximum salary for township trustees specified in R.C. 505.24 does not include value of heath care benefits provided pursuant to R.C. 505.60.

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