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Ohio Sexual Assault Kit Tracking System

Individuals who have been sexually assaulted deserve to know what is happening with their collected evidence. Ohio Revised Code Section 109.68 empowers the Attorney General’s Office to operate an online system to track the status of sexual assault evidence kits (SAEKs). SAEKs are the product of evidence-gathering exams completed at medical centers.

Find the Ohio Sexual Assault Kit Tracking System here.

Medical centers, law enforcement agencies and crime labs are required to document the creation, receipt and transfer of each kit. Individuals can use a unique reference number, provided by the medical facility at the conclusion of the forensic medical examination, to anonymously access the statewide tracking system and see the status of their kit.

Ohio law requires a law enforcement agency to send a kit in its possession to a crime lab for analysis within 30 days of determining that a crime may have occurred.

Have you been sexually assaulted?

Services are available to you.

You have rights.

You have the right to:

  • Request that upon arrest the offender be tested for HIV.
  • Be treated with fairness and respect regarding your safety, dignity and privacy.
  • Reasonable protection from the accused or anyone acting on his or her behalf.
  • Refuse to answer questions from the offender or any person representing the offender.
  • Receive criminal investigation information, including notification when the offender is arrested or released.
  • Proceedings that are free from unreasonable delay and a prompt conclusion of the case.
  • Access to the prosecutor.

You may request the right to:

  • A timely notice of all public proceedings involving the crime against you and to attend them.
  • Speak at any proceeding involving an offender’s release, plea, sentencing, disposition or parole.
  • Receive notice if the offender is released or escapes.
  • Be notified of criminal case results by the prosecutor.
  • Assert these rights yourself, through a representative, or by asking the prosecuting attorney. If your relief is denied, you may appeal to your local district court of appeals.

Compensation may be available.

The Crime Victim Compensation Program reimburses qualifying victims for out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a direct result of victimization, such as medical bills, counseling, lost wages and the cost to replace items taken for evidence. To find out more or view the application, visit this page.

You may be eligible for help from this program if:

  • The assault was reported to law enforcement and you cooperated with them.
  • You incurred expenses not fully covered by collateral sources, such as workers' comp, medical insurance, etc..
  • You were not committing a criminal act at the time you were assaulted.

Crime Can Be Costly

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