Apply for Victims Compensation
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Apply for Victims Compensation

If you or your family members are innocent victims of a violent crime, financial assistance may be available. We pay for a wide range of expenses such as medical counseling bills, work loss, and funeral expenses. We generally can't pay for property expenses.

Filing a new claim

If you haven't filed a claim, and each of the following statements is TRUE, then you may be eligible for help from this program:

  • The crime was reported to law enforcement.
  • The victim cooperated with requests of law enforcement.
  • The victim was not committing a criminal act that caused or contributed to the injuries, except in homicide claims.
  • The victim has incurred expenses that are not fully covered by collateral sources (such as workers' comp, life insurance, medical insurance, etc.).
  • I am either the victim, the dependent of a homicide victim, or responsible for some of the victim's expenses.

Refer to Crime Victims Compensation Guidelines.

Two options for filing a claim