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The Outside Counsel Section of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office is responsible for the engagement, retention, and oversight of private sector attorneys appointed as special counsel by the Attorney General to provide legal representation to State Entities. State Entities include state agencies, colleges, universities, retirement systems, boards and commissions for non-collections matters.

The Attorney General, pursuant to R.C. 109.07, is empowered to appoint special counsel to represent the State in civil actions, criminal prosecutions or other proceedings in which the State is a party or directly interested. The Attorney General considers many factors when selecting representation for matters that require special counsel. The factors considered include, but are not limited to, a firm’s experience, areas of expertise, and ability to perform the work requested.

Appointment as special counsel reflects the Attorney General’s confidence in a firm’s legal expertise, integrity, and ability. Special counsel may be selected to provide legal services that range from general matters to highly specialized areas, such as intellectual property, real estate, benefits, and litigation.

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