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School Safety Task Force

Ensuring that our children are safe in school is among the most important responsibilities of Ohio communities — one that requires the attention, cooperation, and communication of many partners. By working together, we can help prevent crises and respond effectively if they do occur.

The Attorney General’s School Safety Task Force — made up of public safety officials, school personnel, mental health professionals, and others — has worked to help make a difference in these efforts. The School Safety Task Force has produced a comprehensive report of recommendations and resources that addresses school safety plans and operations, training and local partnerships to manage school-based critical incidents, and mental health issues that can impact school safety. It also developed a School Safety/Emergency Operations Plan that guides schools and their community partners in efforts to safeguard our children.

All Ohio schools are required to file school safety plans and building floor plans with the Ohio Department of Education and to update them every three years or whenever significant construction or renovation occurs. The Ohio Department of Education submits these plans to our office and we make them available to emergency responders through the Attorney General’s Ohio Law Enforcement Gateway.

We believe that with the tools provided here and careful planning and training that involves all necessary local partners, our schools and their communities will be well-prepared to do all they can to protect Ohio schoolchildren.

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