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BCI’s CODIS Unit serves as the state repository for DNA samples lawfully collected from crime scenes and felony offenders. The unit develops DNA profiles from samples submitted by law enforcement agencies and uploads the results to the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS).

CODIS contains digital records of DNA collected from crime scenes, convicted felons and felony arrestees throughout the United States. The powerful tool can link perpetrators to crimes and link crimes committed by the same person, even when that person’s identity remains unknown. For example, BCI suspected as early as 2012 that two Ohio women and an Illinois woman had been killed by the same person; it was in January 2019 that the bureau’s dogged pursuit of the cases resulted in the killer’s identification: Samuel W. Legg III.

Statewide searches and national database uploads run by the CODIS Unit’s scientists are key to finding answers in many unsolved crimes. The DNA logged in CODIS results in hundreds of leads a month — information that BCI passes to local law enforcement agencies to further investigations of homicides, rapes and other criminal cases.

Unit Contact
Diane Gehres
London Laboratory
CODIS Laboratory Manager
740-845-2522 | Diane.Gehres@OhioAGO.gov