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1993 Opinions


Requested by: Department of Human Services
Local cluster is a county board entitled to the legal advice and representation of the county prosecutor 


Requested by: Wyandot County Prosecuting Attorney
Compatibility- Director of a county board of elections and clerk of the legislative authority of a charter city 


Requested by: Warren County Prosecuting Attorney
Compatibility- Village administrator and township clerk 


Requested by: Ottawa County Prosecuting Attorney
Authority of a board of county commissioners to vacate a public road 


Requested by: Lorain County Prosecuting Attorney
Authority of board of county commissioners to appropriate moneys from the delinquent tax and assessment collection fund 


Requested by: Adams County Prosecuting Attorney
Authority of county commissioners to decrease percentage of insurance premiums it pays on behalf of officers and employees 


Requested by: Erie County Prosecuting Attorney
Appointment to fill a vacancy in the position of county court judge 


Requested by: Mahoning County Prosecuting Attorney
County appropriations for the operation of common pleas court, parking for judges 


Requested by: Belmont County Prosecuting Attorney
Tax levy for funding equipment used directly in the operation of the sheriff’s office 


Requested by: Fulton County Prosecuting Attorney
Assessment of fees and costs by a county court 

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