Past Ohio Attorneys General 1846–1865
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Past Ohio Attorneys General 1846–1865

Poster Picture of Henry Stanbery
Henry Stanbery
Attorney General of Ohio


As the first Attorney General of Ohio, Henry Stanbery, a Whig, spent much of his term organizing the newly created position. He set up a case-tracking system and a uniform crime report format for county prosecutors and, in 1848, was granted the ability to negotiate with debtors. This gave Stanbery the flexibility to collect the monies owed to the state of Ohio. He also served our country as United States Attorney General during the administration of President Andrew Johnson.

Poster Picture of  George Ellis
George Ellis Pugh
Attorney General of Ohio


George Ellis Pugh was Ohio's first elected attorney general. When the Mexican War broke out in 1846, he left his private law practice in Cincinnati to serve as captain of the Fourth Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry. His career in public service also included terms in the Ohio House of Representatives, as Cincinnati City Solicitor, and as a United States Senator. His prestige as a politician also won him a spot as a delegate of the 1860 Democratic National Convention.

Poster Picture of George Wythe McCook
George Wythe McCook
Attorney General of Ohio


During his term as attorney general, George Wythe McCook specialized in railroad law. His skill in this area was noticed by the Steubenville & Indiana Railroad Company, and after his term as attorney general, the company sent him to Europe on legal business. McCook served Ohio and the United States in both the Mexican War, as the Lieutenant-Colonel of Company I, 3rd Ohio Infantry, and in the Civil War, as Colonel of the 39th Ohio National Guard.

Poster Picture of Christopher Parsons Wolcott
Christopher Parsons Wolcott
Attorney General of Ohio


Christopher Parsons Wolcott won his fame as a lawyer during his term as attorney general. His most famous case was the Wellington Fugitive Slave case. His argument in this case was praised by the Supreme Court of Ohio and was published in full as part of the report of the case. Wolcott received another great honor when appointed assistant secretary of war by President Lincoln in 1862. As assistant secretary, he helped mobilize the nation's armies during a time of great crisis.

Poster Picture of James Murray
James Murray
Attorney General of Ohio


James Murray served Ohio and the Republican Party not only as attorney general, but also in the private practice of law. He was a prominent attorney in Bowling Green, Ohio for many years. As a lawyer, he limited his practice to the higher courts and general counsel for the D & M Railway. Murray also served Ohio as Judge of Common Pleas Court for many years.

Poster Picture of Lyman R. Critchfield
Lyman R. Critchfield
Attorney General of Ohio


Lyman Critchfield was a very active politician for the Democratic Party of Ohio. During his professional career, he worked to combat the public extravagance and corruption of other public officials. At the beginning of the Civil War he made many speeches in favor of the Union and supporting the war to save it. Critchfield also served Ohio as a state senator and prosecuting attorney of Holmes County.

Poster Picture of William P. Richardson
William P. Richardson
Attorney General of Ohio


William Richardson served as attorney general for only a short time but was very involved in the United States Military. He enlisted his services to the Ohio militia immediately after the rebellion of the Southern states, and commanded the 25th Ohio Infantry, where he achieved the rank of colonel. He later became president of a court martial at Camp Chase until he was elected attorney general in 1865. Richardson left his position to become a brigadier-general for the United States Army.