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Fair Employment

This presentation provides a legal update on Ohio and federal laws regarding fair employment. Specific topics and the length of each presentation are determined by the audience’s request. Fair employment presentation topics include: discrimination complaints and the administrative process, reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities, accommodating religious beliefs in the workplace, use of criminal history in employment decisions, and employment law updates. These presentations are available to all businesses, regardless of size or location.

Fair Housing

This presentation provides basic, practical guidance for fair housing providers such as landlords, owners, condominium associations, property managers, realtors, lenders, etc. We will provide you with practical information about Ohio and federal fair housing law through topics of your choosing. Potential Topics include advertising, screening potential tenants, reasonable accommodations, and modifications for tenants with disabilities, discrimination complaints, and the administrative process. These presentations are available to anyone in the housing industry, regardless of the size or location of your business.

Public Accommodations

This presentation covers topics related to accessibility requirements for businesses, both in terms of physical access to premises and equality of service.

Discrimination Complaints and the Administrative Process

Topics include where and how charges are filed, initial determinations, reconsideration, mediation, conciliation, and enforcement.