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Ryburn v. Huff - U.S. Supreme Court, Jan. 23, 2012

Question: Does a warrantless entry into a home make you civilly liable if you entered only because you thought someone might be in imminent danger?
Quick answer: Most likely, no, because you probably would have qualified immunity.


State v. Gould - Ohio Supreme Court, Jan. 17, 2012

Question: Do the U.S. and Ohio Constitutions protect abandoned property from warrantless search and seizure?
Quick answer: No. Abandoned property is fair game for a warrantless search.


State v. Hoskins - Ohio Court of Appeals, Second District (Champaign, Clark, Darke, Greene, Miami, and Montgomery counties) Jan. 6, 2012

Question: When you take multiple suspects into custody, should you immediately read the suspects their Miranda rights before asking anyquestions?
Quick answer: Yes, probably. This helps avoid violating a suspect’s right against self-incrimination.


State v. Battle - Ohio Court of Appeals, Tenth District (Franklin County) Dec. 22, 2011

Question: If a car is parked, locked, and otherwise secure, do you need a warrant to search the car if you have probable cause to believe it contains drugs?
Quick answer: No. You may conduct a warrantless search under the automobile exception.


United States v. Rochin - Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals (New Mexico) Dec. 13, 2011

Question: Is the scope of a Terry frisk limited to removing traditional weapons that are immediately known during the frisk?
Quick answer: No. You may remove any object that you reasonably believe could be used as a weapon against you.


Williams v. Commonwealth of Kentucky - Kentucky Supreme Court Nov. 23, 2011

Question: Can you find reasonable suspicion to stop and frisk a suspect based on his association with others who are committing a crime?   
Quick answer: Yes. You may do so as long as you are not relying solely on the suspect’s association with others.

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