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Law enforcement agencies across Ohio and the nation have to work harder, smarter, and more collaboratively than ever before in the face of dwindling resources and increasingly cunning criminals. The Ohio Attorney General’s 2014 Law Enforcement Conference — scheduled Oct. 28-29 at the Hyatt Regency Columbus — will update attendees on recent trends and provide great networking opportunities across several criminal justice disciplines.


Traffic (OVI, Voluntary Collection and Storage of Bodily Fluids): Ohio v. Ossege

Questions: 1) Do you have to first inform a suspect that he can refuse to give a urine sample before his consent can be voluntarily given? 2) Is a sample considered compromised if you do not fill out the required information on the label?
Quick Answers: 1) No, informing the suspect he can refuse to give a sample is not a prerequisite to voluntary consent. It is, however, one of the factors a court will consider to determine the voluntariness of the consent. 2) No, the sample wouldn’t be compromised as long as other unique identifiers can link it to the suspect.


Search and Seizure (Forced Entry, Warrantless Search): Ohio v. Fisher

Question: Can you force entry into a residence, without a warrant, when you have identified suspects from past criminal incidents inside?
Quick Answer: No, unless there is an exception to the warrant requirement.


You play a huge role in school safety

Law enforcement officers play a vital role in the safety and security of Ohio students. Whether you are a full-time school resource officer, patrol near a school, or could be a first responder to a school emergency, it is important to be aware of criminal trends involving teens and best ways to work with school officials in investigations.