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Media > Newsletters > Law Enforcement Bulletin > October 2012 > BCI can reimburse costs related to sex offender extradition

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BCI can reimburse costs related to sex offender extradition

The Ohio Attorney General's Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) makes available grant funding to reimburse sheriffs or prosecutors for the costs associated with the extradition of absconded sex offenders wanted in Ohio. 
County offices throughout Ohio can take advantage of this grant money when pursuing sex offenders of any classification who are registered in their county but have absconded. If a sheriff or prosecutor chooses to extradite an offender, BCI will reimburse the expenses up to $2,000 per offender, including but not limited to officer overtime (excluding fringe benefits), meals, lodging, airfare, parking, car rental, or other transportation costs. (Reimbursement rates may not exceed those included in the State of Ohio Travel Rule, Ohio Administrative Code 126102.)
Visit the Attorney General’s website for a copy of the reimbursement request form .