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U.S. v. Brown, 801 F.3d 679 (6th Cir.2015)

Question: How long can officers rely on facts contributing to probable cause? 


State v. Mabry, 2015 Ohio 4513

Question: During a Terry pat down, can an officer unbutton a suspect’s pants in order to retrieve suspected contraband from shorts worn underneath his pants? 


State v. Carothers, 2015 Ohio 4569

Question: Can an officer order a suspect to remove his shoes after obtaining consent to go through the suspect’s pockets? 


State v. Lawson, 2015 Ohio 4394

Question: Did a suspect unambiguously waive his right to remain silent when, during a custodial interrogation, he responded that “nothing was bothering him and that he had nothing else to say?”