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Search and Seizure (Traffic Stops, Extending Stop to Conduct Dog Sniff): Rodriguez v. United States

Question: Can an officer extend a traffic stop solely to conduct a dog sniff?


Search and Seizure (Consent Search, Passenger’s Belongings): State v. Chojnowski

Question: If a vehicle owner consents to the search of his vehicle, can you search a container that belongs to a passenger?


Search and Seizure (Reasonable suspicion, Terry Stop and Frisk): State of Ohio v. Ross

Question:  Can an anonymous tip that is corroborated by an officer’s training, experience, and on-scene observations support reasonable articulable suspicion of criminal activity?


Search and Seizure (Warrantless Home Entries, Exigent Circumstances, Hot Pursuit): State v. Lowe

Question: Can an officer enter an enclosed back porch to arrest a suspect without a warrant?