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Traffic Stops (Reasonable Duration): State of Ohio v. McCullough

Question: Is it OK for you to hold a driver to wait for a canine search?
Quick Answer: Yes, you can conduct a canine search as long as the entire stop only lasts a “reasonable period of time” (about as long as it takes to write a ticket or run a computer search).


Search Warrants (Affidavits and Corroboration of Information): State of Ohio v. Bertloff

Question: What do you need to state in an affidavit in support of a warrant when most of the information came from a confidential informant?
Quick Answer: When information comes from a confidential informant, you need to state how you corroborated the information and why the confidential informant is reliable.


Informants (Anonymous Tips): Navarette v. California

Question: Can you stop a vehicle based on an anonymous tip even though you personally did not see evidence of a crime?
Quick Answer: Yes, but only when the tip, based on the detail of the information and surrounding circumstances, is credible.


Human Relations and Law Enforcement

Human relation skills are vital for in the law enforcement field, helping you interact with citizens, criminals, victims, informants, and people in crisis. The Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy will offer several such courses this summer. Here’s a sampling.