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A Message from the Ohio Attorney General

Dear Colleagues,
I am proud to introduce the Ohio Attorney General’s Law Enforcement Bulletin. 
Supporting Ohio’s hardworking law enforcement officers is one of my top priorities as Attorney General. With that in mind, we have developed this monthly newsletter to keep you and your fellow officers informed of important legal cases and trending topics. 
I’ve heard from many of you during my first year in office, and I know that staying on top of state and federal cases is one of your primary concerns. But with all of your other responsibilities, it isn’t always easy. That’s why we’re taking the initiative to bring the law to you.

This newsletter contains important case updates in an easy-to-click-through format. We’ve also given you the ability to print a full version of the Law Enforcement Bulletin so you needn’t be tethered to a computer. Simply visit to access printable PDFs and archived issues as they become available.
We’d also like your feedback. Tell us what works, and what doesn’t. That will help us better inform you and other officers across the state of the laws that affect you every day. 
As Ohio’s Attorney General, I am committed to helping you stay up to date on the most important cases that impact your profession.
If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please direct them to Morgan Linn, assistant attorney general, who compiles the Law Enforcement Bulletin. You can reach her at or 614-728-2280.
Very respectfully yours,
 Mike Dewine
Mike DeWine
Ohio Attorney General