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Fee reduced for School Safety/Crisis Management Conference

The fee for law enforcement and other emergency responders to attend a School Safety/Crisis Management Conference in Columbus Aug. 19 has been reduced to $50 per person. The conference will address emergency management and planning along with recommended steps to take before, during, and after an emergency.


Conference focuses on officer safety, wellness

Putting others first is a reality of police work. Yet research and real life clearly show that the stress of the job can take a toll on those who do it, prompting a decision to focus the Ohio Attorney General’s 2013 Law Enforcement Conference on officer safety and wellness.


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State v. Steele, Ohio Supreme Court

Question: Can an officer be criminally prosecuted for abduction when he detains a person he does not suspect of criminal wrongdoing?
Quick answer: Yes, absolutely.


State v. George, Fourth District Court of Appeals, June 14, 2013 / State v. Atkins, Fifth District Court of Appeals, June 7, 2013 / State v. Hahn, Fifth District Court of Appeals, June 3, 2013

Question: When can you rely on a tip to make a stop?
Quick answer: These three cases highlight the most basic issues that come up in a tip-based stop: identifying whether the suspect is an “identified citizen informant” or a “known” or “anonymous” informant.


State v. Jennings, Tenth District Court of Appeals (Franklin County)

Question: Can an officer generate reasonable suspicion to stop based on many factors that, standing alone, would not create reasonable suspicion?
Quick Answer: Yes, that’s why it’s called “totality” of all the circumstances; you have to look at every permissible factor.


Ashland v. McClain, Fifth District Court of Appeals

Question: Can you pat down and search someone you place in your cruiser for the sole purpose of convenience?
Quick answer: No.


State v. Bolds, Fifth District Court of Appeals

Question: When a plastic bag of drugs falls out during a pat-down, is it admissible?
Quick answer: Yes.


State v. Howard, Second District Court of Appeals

Question: Can officers search a car inside a detached garage if their search warrant allows them to search the “surrounding curtilage” of a house?
Quick answer: Yes.