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Stress Management isn’t a Luxury in Law Enforcement; It’s Vital

The career of police officer was named the 10th most stressful job in the United States for 2013 by CareerCast, a career and job opportunity website that provides annual rankings.


Traffic Stops (Stops Outside Jurisdictional Limit): State of Ohio v. Brown

Question: Is there a penalty for pulling someone over for a misdemeanor traffic violation outside of your jurisdiction?
Quick Answer: Technically yes, however, for evidence to be excluded, the stop must be in violation of the individual’s constitutional rights.


Search of Property (Warrant Particularity Requirement): State of Ohio v. Baro

Question: If you want to search multiple open booths in a flea market, how many warrants do you need?
Quick Answer: One warrant is needed if all of the booths are contained in a single-use, single-story building.


Electronic Surveillance (GPS and the Exclusionary Rule): State of Ohio v. Sullivan

Question: If you have obtained the location of a suspect through GPS and a cell phone, does the cell phone evidence get suppressed if it is determined the GPS evidence was improperly obtained?
Quick Answer: No. If the cell phone data was properly obtained under a warrant and supported by independent evidence, it will not be suppressed.


Proper Protocol (Photo Arrays): State of Ohio v. Hudson

Question: Is a photo array unduly suggestive if all of those pictured do not look similar to the suspect?
Quick Answer: No. Photo arrays are not required to contain photos of people who look identical to the suspect, but should be based on the description given by the witness.