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Search & Seizure (Warrantless Search, Locked Basement, Owner Without Key): State of Ohio v. Norman

Question: Can a property owner give consent to law enforcement to search a room or area of his home that he rents to another?  What if the property owner is on probation and is subject to home searches? 


Proper Protocol (Knock and Talk): Carroll v. Carman

Question: Does a knock and talk have to begin at the front door of a residence?


Find Advanced Training Courses Through OPOTA

The Ohio Attorney General’s Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) provides specialized training for peace officers in areas such as Firearms and Specialty Munitions, Human Relations, Investigations, Management and Advanced Driving. In addition to these topics, OPOTA’s Advanced Training staff also conducts Instructor Level courses for numerous topics. You can find OPOTA’s complete course catalog here.


Ohio Attorney General’s Newsletters Offer Helpful Tools

In addition to the Law Enforcement Bulletin, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office offers two other law enforcement newsletters: the monthly OPOTA Mobile Academy and the quarterly Criminal Justice Update. The Ohio Attorney General’s email subscriptions also offer other newsletters and alerts on a variety of topics. You can sign up online at for any or all of these newsletters.