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Probable Cause: State v. Raphael, 2015 Ohio 3179

Question:  Can an officer continue to detain occupants of a vehicle despite a canine’s non-alert during an open-air sniff? 


Request for Counsel: State v. Cherryholmes, 2015 Ohio 3063 July 29, 2015

Question: What constitutes a suspect’s request for counsel requiring an officer to terminate a custodial interrogation?


Protective Sweeps: U.S. v. McMillian, Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, May 22, 2015

Question: When a suspect is arrested on his porch, can officers conduct a protective sweep inside the home?


Miranda Warnings: State v. Duhamel, 2015 Ohio 3145

Question: Are Miranda warnings required when police questioning takes place at the unarrested suspect’s kitchen table as a search warrant is being executed in the suspect’s home?