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Close Call Reporting: Why it’s Important for Officer Safety

Have you been on a call at night and entered a dark building without a flashlight? Have you escorted a prisoner on your gun side? Have you almost been involved in a traffic accident because a civilian didn’t stop when your lights and sirens were activated? If you answered yes, you have been involved in a Close Call.  


Search & Seizure of Vehicles (Mistakes of Law and Investigatory Stops): Heien v. North Carolina

Question: If you stop someone based on your misinterpretation of the law, is the stop valid?


Proper Protocol (Search Warrants & State Databases): State of Ohio v. Myers

Question:  Do you need a warrant to search a State database?


Search & Seizure (Preemptive Seizure of Property Without Search Warrant): State of Ohio v. Welch

Question:  Can you seize property that may contain evidence without a warrant if you fear it will be destroyed or discarded?