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Traffic Stops (Turn Signal Violations): State of Ohio v. Smith

Question: Do you have reasonable suspicion to make a traffic stop if a driver fails to continuously signal 100 feet before a turn and claims he was unable to follow the law?
Quick Answer: Yes. Your observation that the driver violated the rule is enough. Any excuse the motorist has is something that can be considered a defense in court, but does not negate the fact the law was broken.


Search and Seizure (Unparticularized Suspicion): State of Ohio v. Boswell

Question: Can you stop an individual and conduct a search if you believe the person is up to no good?
Quick Answer: No, you have no right to stop people on a hunch. You must have a specific reason to believe the person is engaged in criminal activity.


Warrants (the Hot Pursuit Exception): State of Ohio v. Cross

Question: What is the “hot pursuit” exception, and when does it apply?  
Quick Answer: “Hot pursuit” lets you pursue a fleeing suspect into a home, without a warrant, if you have identified yourself as a law enforcement officer and are in actual pursuit of a suspect.


Tactical Aid Course Prepares You to Save Lives

A gunman opened fire at Los Angeles International Airport last November and shot Transportation Security Administration Officer Gerardo Hernandez 12 times at point-blank range before continuing on his shooting spree.