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How to respond to a data breach

With data breaches becoming increasingly common, many of us have received a notice about our personal information having been compromised. You can learn more about what constitutes a data breach and, more importantly, how to respond to a breach to safeguard your privacy.


‘Consumer Protection Up Close’

In conjunction with state and federal partners, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office proactively works to combat illegal robocalls. The most recent such efforts include Operation Stop Scam Calls.


Holiday shopping: Research prices early, and save when you’re ready to buy

It has become a holiday tradition of sorts to see decorations and special sales popping up in retail stores earlier each year. As the holiday season nears, it makes good sense to learn more about smart shopping.


Beware of “dark patterns” on the internet

Have you ever felt tricked into signing up online for a subscription service or product, then found it difficult to cancel? The culprit might be digital “dark pattern,” which are designed to manipulate online user behavior.