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Robocall Enforcement Unit, New Reporting Tool Now Available for Consumers

On March 4, Attorney General Dave Yost announced the formation of a Robocall Enforcement Unit and the development of a tool that lets consumers report malicious robocalls to his office.


Is That Debt Collection Call Legitimate or Phony?

Debt collectors make a living by getting consumers to pay up. Naturally, this occupation is a popular disguise for scammers who want you to pay them instead.


Watch Out for Home Improvement Scammers

As outside temperatures heat up, Ohioans will no doubt be faced with decisions for home improvement projects ranging from staining decks to installing new roofs.


Protect Your Data When Moving From One Electronic Device to Another

Upgrading devices can be exciting, with all the potential for better pictures, faster processing speeds, expanded memory and new core functions. Before you dive in to setting up your new device, make sure to remove your personal information from your old device.