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AG Yost’s Meta lawsuit: Company harmed young users’ mental health to boost profits

Find out how the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and the Ohio Legislature are working to ensure a safer environment for Ohio teens on social-media platforms.


Scam trends: Older vs. younger victims

Scams can and do affect people of all ages. Explore the scams that directly target senior citizens or other audiences, including younger adults and teenagers.


Recurring subscriptions: Time for an assessment

The end of one year (and the start of another) is a good time to take stock of your subscriptions with recurring charges. Whether you’re paying for streaming services, a coffee-of-the-month club or other subscriptions, you can save money by canceling any you no longer need or use.


Winter-weather financial help in Ohio

As winter descends on Ohio, residents may face weather-related challenges, including higher heating bills and other expenses. Read on to learn more about assistance options that could help ease the strain on your budget.