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AG Yost Files Another Odometer-Tampering Lawsuit, Sends Message: Stop Scamming Ohioans


(COLUMBUS, Ohio) — Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost is suing a fourth Columbus used-car dealership for allegedly rolling back odometers and selling salvaged vehicles without telling its customers about it.

The legal action against Ohio Mega Group and its owner, Dominic Wiley, follows an investigation by the Attorney General’s Office, which received 17 complaints against the dealership. The lawsuit cites multiple violations of state consumer-protection laws, including the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act and the Odometer Rollback and Disclosure Act.

“Stop scamming Ohioans,” Yost said. “We’re committed to getting to the bottom of this odometer-tampering scheme as these deceptive practices betray the trust that consumers place in businesses.”

Investigators from Yost’s Consumer Protection Section learned during their work that Ohio Mega Group, 4333 E Main St., shared a lot with S Automotive, which Yost had already sued for similar violations.

This case marks the fourth odometer-tampering suit filed this year by Yost’s office, with the other two involving Kalango Links and Uncle B, both also in Columbus.

The suit against Ohio Mega Group, filed in Franklin County Common Pleas Court, accuses the dealership and Wiley of:

  • Failing to promptly file title applications within 30 and 40 days of vehicle assignment or delivery.
  • Concealing the rebuilt salvage status of vehicles from consumers.
  • Falsifying odometer disclosure statements.
  • Withholding accurate and complete odometer disclosures.
  • Engaging in odometer tampering or alterations.
  • Failing to obtain a surety bond in an amount not less than $25,000.00.
  • Selling a used motor vehicle to a consumer from a location that was not Ohio Mega Group’s established place of business. 

Yost is seeking restitution for the consumers who bought vehicles from Ohio Mega Group and recovery of the money from the Title Defect Recision Fund that was paid to resolve the consumer complaints.

Additionally, the lawsuit requests civil penalties and seeks to prohibit Wiley from acquiring or maintaining auto-dealer or sales licenses.

Individuals in Ohio who suspect deceptive or unfair business practices can report their concerns to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office through or by calling 800-282-0515.

Hannah Hundley: 614-906-9113


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