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AG Yost Urges Ohioans to be Vigilant with Donations to Prevent Charity Fraud


(COLUMBUS, Ohio) — Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost urges those that give to be more vigilant as charities across the country this week are collaborating to raise awareness of charity fraud during this year’s Charity Fraud Awareness Week.

Ohioans are notoriously generous in giving to charities and this year has been no different. And as technology makes it easier to give it also makes it easier to get scammed.

“As we open up our hearts and wallets to help out we also need to make sure we have our eyes wide open,” Yost said.  

As are most sectors of our society, charities are susceptible to fraud. Working together can strengthen the organizations on which society depends for help and healing.  At no time has this effort been more important than now as we all face the challenges and hardship brought on by COVID-19.

Charity Fraud Awareness week is led by a coalition of over 40 charities, regulators, law enforcement and other not-for-profit stakeholders. The goal is to raise awareness and share good practices in tackling fraud and cybercrime.

This year's awareness campaign has three core messages:

  • Be fraud aware
  • Take time to check
  • Keep your charity safe
Charity Fraud Awareness Week encourages the participation of all organizations, regardless of their size, to discuss fraud in the sector and to share with each other best practices to address and prevent it. 

The week’s activities are designed to involve trustees, directors, board members, staff and volunteers of charities, groups that assist or represent the sector; attorneys, accountants and others who advise the sector; and state and federal agencies that regulate the sector. The wide-range of recommended activities allow participants to choose those that address their interests and fit their schedules.

Attorney General Yost created a website to better help charities and donors navigate Covid-19 and provide resources for good governance.

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