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Attorney General DeWine Says to be Wary of Last-minute Ticket Sales


(COLUMBUS, Ohio) – Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine today warned consumers to be wary of last-minute ticket sales to big games or events.

“Ohioans have been continually scammed by online ticket sellers,” said Attorney General DeWine. “We want to remind Ohioans to be careful when purchasing tickets online from third party vendors or online market places.”

For example, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office has reports of fraudulent tickets being sold for the Ohio State v. Michigan football game this coming weekend. A consumer thought he bought tickets online and wired money to have the tickets mailed. The tickets never arrived.

The Federal Trade Commission offers the following tips to protect yourself from a ticket scam:

  • Check with the event organizer, promoter, or venue where the event will be held to learn how and when tickets are being sold.
  • Be aware that the official logo and trademarks (or look-a-likes) of the event can be imitated to try to convince you that a bogus website, or ticket, is official.
  • Read what others say about the seller. Search the Internet to find out about other people's experiences.
  • Be skeptical of sites that say they "guarantee" tickets. Some companies sell package deals without having the tickets in hand. Even if the seller intends to get the tickets later, they may not be able to.
  • Always print a copy of your order for your files.

Additionally, wiring money or using prepaid credit cards is a preferred way for scammers to be paid. Be very cautious when a seller asks for one of these methods.

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