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Attorney General DeWine Announces Consent Order Signed to Resolve Lorain Landfill Issues


(CLEVELAND) – Attorney General Mike DeWine announced today that a consent order has been signed with Lorain County Landfill (LCLF) and Bio Energy to eliminate off-site odors from the landfill and the payment of $500,000 by LCLF and $50,000 by Bio Energy in civil penalties.

"The signing of this consent order will result in an improvement of operations at the landfill and hopefully eliminate any future odor issues," said Attorney General DeWine. "It's vital that sites such as these function in line with requirements to protect citizens and the environment."

In 2006, the Ohio EPA entered into an agreement with LCLF in which LCLF would evaluate its landfill gas control system, following numerous citizen complaints to Ohio EPA and the Lorain County Health Department. Inadequate evaluation of the system led to continued citizen complaints about landfill odors.

Bio Energy operates an energy plant next to the landfill that converts the gas to energy to be sold. Bio Energy, by agreement with LCLF, was the only one that could work on or tune the landfill's gas extraction wells. This arrangement allowed Bio Energy to meet its production and technical needs for the correct amount and concentration of landfill gas.

Lorain County Landfill and Bio Energy entered into talks with Ohio EPA and the Ohio Attorney General in 2010 to resolve the problem. A 24-inch gas extraction pipe was installed around the landfill by LCLF. The consent order requires LCLF to ensure that the release of noxious odors from the site does not reoccur. If documented releases continue, LCLF will be required to place an artificial cover over areas at the landfill causing odor problems.

Bio Energy is required to notify LCLF and Ohio EPA when specified levels of its operations go offline so that any possible related changes at the landfill can be monitored.

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