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Ohio Officially Part of Health Care Lawsuit


(COLUMBUS, Ohio) - Senior United States District Judge Roger Vinson today granted the motion adding Ohio and five more additional states as party plaintiffs in the lawsuit pending in the federal court for the Northern District of Florida challenging the constitutionality of the recently enacted healthcare law. The Judge's ruling states that he will not require the federal defendants to file new answers to the complaint, so the addition of the new parties will not delay the case in any way.

“I am pleased that the Judge has made Ohio formally a part of the case, just one day after our motion was filed,” said Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. “With Ohio as the 21st state, and the addition of five other states, there are now more than half of the states represented.”

“I believe that this gets us one step closer to determining whether the ‘individual mandate,’ forcing citizens to buy a product, is constitutional,” added DeWine.

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