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Attorney General DeWine Pleased by Approval of New Synthetic Drug Legislation


(COLUMBUS, Ohio) – Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said today that he was pleased that members of the Ohio House of Representatives voted unanimously to pass legislation that strengthens synthetic drug laws and helps prevent the manufacture of methamphetamine.

Members of the House voted 94-0 this afternoon in approval of Substitute House Bill 334.  Members of the Ohio Senate also passed the legislation unanimously in a 33-0 vote earlier this month.

The legislation includes a provision that toughens current laws banning synthetic drugs and prevents chemists from altering a drug's components in an effort to bypass the law.

"This new legislation will save lives, and it will help local and state law enforcement put synthetic drug traffickers in jail," said Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine.  "These drugs are a serious problem, and we want them out of Ohio."

Synthetic drugs, sold under names like "OMG", "Bizarro", "Ivory Wave", and "Vanilla Sky" are often abused by people 25 and younger.  The drugs are very addictive, and the high can induce violence and extreme paranoia.

Attorney General DeWine announced last month that he was making the fight against synthetic drugs a top priority.  He also testified in front of the Ohio Senate Health, Human Services and Aging Committee to show his support for the bill.

Members of the Attorney General's Office assisted in drafting the synthetic drugs legislation, adding an emergency clause.  This allows the synthetic drug provision to immediately take effect once signed by Governor John Kasich.

In addition, the bill also allows for additional law enforcement monitoring of purchases and attempted purchases of products that contain pseudoephedrine (PSE).   PSE is an ingredient used in many cold and allergy medicines and is also the primary component in the manufacture of methamphetamine.


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