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AG Yost Secures the Last Judgments in Massive Texas-Based Robocall Scheme


(COLUMBUS, Ohio) — Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost today announced judgments with the final defendants in a massive robocall operation that bombarded Americans with illegal calls, including an alleged 69 million in Ohio.

“Putting an end to the incessant nuisance of robocalls been a complicated journey, but these judgments serve as a reminder that we will use all means possible to disconnect them," Yost said.

Under these judgments Scott Shapiro, Michael Theron Smith Jr. and Health Advisors of America – all of Florida – are subject to permanent robocall bans on calls to Ohio.  

The orders resolve a 2020 lawsuit filed in a federal court in Texas by Yost and other states’ attorneys general against John Caldwell Spiller II and Jakob Mears, owners of Rising Eagle Capital Group LLC, JSquared Telecom LLC and Rising Eagle Capital Group–Cayman. In March of this year, judgments were obtained against Spiller and Mears.

Prior investigation of Shapiro and Smith found that the two had worked with Spiller and Mears to send countless illegal robocalls targeting unsuspecting individuals who hadn’t consented to being contacted by Health Advisors.

In addition to the robocall ban, Shapiro and Smith are barred for 10 years from doing the following within Ohio: telemarketing, engaging in lead generation, providing or selling telephone numbers, and calling numbers listed on the Do Not Call registry. Shapiro is also banned for two years from participating in these activities nationwide.

The court has issued financial judgments against Shapiro, Smith and Health Advisors totaling $146,153,860 combined. The payments will largely be suspended as long as the defendants comply with the terms of the judgments.

Joining Yost in the judgments were the attorneys general of Arkansas, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, North Dakota and Texas.

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