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Attorney General DeWine Supports Legislation for Oversight of Gaming at Internet Cafes


(COLUMBUS, Ohio) — Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine today announced his support for legislation introduced today by State Representatives Marlene Anielski (R-Walton Hills) and Nan Baker (R-Westlake) to establish oversight of gaming that takes place at internet cafes and similar establishments. The bill addresses electronic games that look like slot machines, which can mislead players and cause confusion for law enforcement.

"Internet cafes and sweepstakes parlors that are skirting the definitions of what is legal are popping up all across Ohio. Since these games are unregulated, there is no standard for what the payout should be, putting players at a disadvantage," said Attorney General DeWine.

The legislation will require:

  • Machines to undergo a pre-play certification process.
  • Operators to obtain a license issued by the Casino Control Commission and paid for by the applicant that certifies that the machines have been tested by an outside laboratory. The license would be required to be displayed for easy public inspection, and certification would be at the expense of the operator or manufacturer.
  • A sticker proving that the operator has a license and that each machine has passed inspection would be required to be posted on each machine, providing an instant verifiable sign for law enforcement.
  • Criminal penalties for violating the licensing requirements.

"This legislation will also make the legality of electronic games clearer for law enforcement, as well as provide assurance to Ohio consumers who want to play skill-based games, sweepstakes, or internet cafes that they are not being ripped off," DeWine said.

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