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Redaction Request Forms

The Ohio Attorney General, pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Sections 149.45(C)(1) and (D)(1), is required to develop forms that must be used by individuals for the purpose of requesting the redaction of certain types of personal information which has been made available to the general public on the internet by one or more public offices.

To download one of these forms, please click on the name of the form you wish to download.


Each individual requesting redaction is required to send the completed form to the public office that maintains the records to be redacted.

The Ohio Attorney General will not forward requests on behalf of the requesting individual.

The Ohio Attorney General is not required or permitted to review and/or approve a request for redaction concerning records which are maintained and made available to the public by another public office.

Request to Redact Personal Information
  • For the general public
Request to Redact Address
  • For specified covered professions (see ORC 149.45(D)(1))