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Questioned Documents Unit

Scientists in this unit examine handwriting for authorship and documents for authenticity.

Handwriting is made up of unconscious habit patterns that remain constant in a person’s writing for extended periods of their life. No two people write exactly alike, as these habit patterns are based on the mental, physical and emotional components of the individual. Handwriting examinations are conducted by comparing the unique habit patterns or individual characteristics contained within the questioned writing to those exhibited in documents of known authorship.

Scientists can determine the authenticity of a document through examination and comparison of its physical traits, including inks, papers, printing processes and security features. Using specialized instrumentation and light sources, scientists can examine a document to determine whether the original content has been altered, obliterated or otherwise changed. Electrostatic devices are used to help determine whether writing on documents is indented.

The unit also performs quality-assurance tests on instant lottery games for the Ohio Lottery.

Unit Contact
Mark Losko
London Laboratory
Laboratory Supervisor
740-845-2523 | Mark.Losko@OhioAGO.gov
Jennifer Duvall
BCI Laboratory
Comparative Sciences Lab Manager
740-845-2514 | Jennifer.Duvall@OhioAGO.gov