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Cold Case Unit Tools & Methodologies

Taking a new look at unsolved cases is a team effort for the Cold Case Unit. Each re-examination involves the local law enforcement department where the case originated as well as multiple divisions at BCI. Each BCI team brings to a case their unique, honed skills, which can offer new leads in an investigation because of technology that wasn’t available when the crime occurred or witnesses who are newly willing to cooperate.

Laboratory Analysis

BCI’s Laboratory Division employs the highest standards of care and most advanced forensic testing technologies. New DNA testing can offer an avenue to identify offenders who have long stayed hidden, but forensic science advancements are not limited to genetic testing. For example, scientists can now pull fingerprints or palm prints from materials where it was once assumed impossible.

DNA testing

DNA has proved to be a powerful tool in solving crimes, especially in cold cases. Here are some of the ways the BCI Cold Case Unit can put such genetic evidence to work:

Special Initiatives

Two lab-driven projects start with an analysis of which cold-case sexual assault investigations have the most potential to benefit from services BCI assists with. The lab and Cold Case Unit are reaching out to invite local law enforcement agencies across Ohio to join the initiatives.

Criminal Intelligence Analysis

The more true, factual information that investigators have and the more that they can understand its significance in a case, the more likely they are to solve that crime. This information gathering and intelligence developing is the specialty of BCI’s Criminal Intelligence Unit, which processes and analyzes all matter of relevant data and takes other actions to clarify the facts of a case.

Investigative Section

Special Agents assigned to the cold case unit assist state, federal and local law enforcement agencies and prosecutors with investigative resources and strategies to resolve unsolved homicides and sexual assaults

Unit Contacts
Roger Davis
Special Agent-In-Charge
740-845-2123 |
Hallie Dreyer
DNA Lab Supervisor
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Dana Forney
Director of Criminal Intelligence
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