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Services for active military, veterans and their families

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office is proud to offer the following services and resources to veterans, active-duty military, and National Guard and Reserve personnel:

The Consumer Protection Section provides information to enable active duty personnel and veterans to better protect themselves from consumer scams. Our office can assist those who may have fallen victim to scams, such as those targeting debt collection, the elderly, credit repair, and foreclosure assistance.

The Ohio Attorney General's Office is the regulating entity for all charities in the state. Many citizens financially contribute to organizations that provide support to veterans, so our office is vigilant in prosecuting con artists who attempt to run veteran charity scams. Citizens should research charities before making donations to ensure that the charity is a valid organization. If service members wish to start a charity, our office can provide information on how to begin and how to register.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office is required by statute to collect debts owed to state agencies, including state universities and hospitals. If attempts are being made to collect debts you owe to state agencies while you are on active duty, our office will work with you or your spouse to create a payment plan that won’t burden you or your family.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office offers Ohio veterans and mobilized military personnel pro bono (free) legal assistance with the creation of a will, living will, power of attorney and/or health-care power of attorney.

Ohio civil rights laws protect active duty personnel and veterans from discrimination based on military status in employment, housing, and public accommodations. Additionally, if a veteran needs the use of an animal assistant due to a disability, Ohio law generally prohibits denying the use of that animal assistant in employment, housing, and public accommodations.

Identity theft is commonly reported by service members before, during, and after deployment. The Attorney General’s Office houses an Identity Theft Unit that can assist active duty military, veterans, and their families if they have fallen victim to identity theft.  The unit can assist them in working with credit reporting agencies, creditors, collectors, and other entities. Service members can also place an “Active Duty Alert” on their credit report to reduce the risk of identity theft.

Aside from direct services, our office can also assist service members by providing information regarding additional resources that may be available. For example, if service members have questions regarding payment of Ohio income taxes while on active duty, they can contact our office and we can provide resources for locating that information. If service members have questions about utility payments and/or shut off, our office can provide information regarding the law and helpful resources. In addition, service members can contact our office to report patient abuse or neglect, search for concealed carry instructors, or find information on bonuses for veterans.

If you have questions about any of the services or resources, call 800-282-0515.