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2014 Opinions


Requested by: Belmont County Prosecuting Attorney
Compatibility:  Director of the Belmont County Department of Job and Family Services may not serve as chief financial officer of the department.


Requested by: Fairfield County Prosecuting Attorney
City is responsible to care for and maintain cemetery located on land that is annexed to the city.


Requested by: Williams County Prosecuting Attorney
Under R.C. 2981.11(C) a finder may be entitled to possession of a lost or abandoned canoe or lost or abandoned money.


Requested by: Mahoning County Prosecuting Attorney
Costs of foreclosure or forfeiture proceeding in the case of nonproductive land shall be calculated on the basis of all taxes levied on the land.


Requested by: Fairfield County Prosecuting Attorney
Trustees of limited home rule township may prohibit burial of human remains in private or family cemeteries within the unincorporated portions of the township.


Requested by: Wood County Prosecuting Attorney
Payment of state traffic law fine moneys to county law library resources fund by the treasurer of a municipal corporation.


Requested by: Adams County Prosecuting Attorney
County investing authority may use inactive moneys to purchase bond issued by the board of county commissioners of the investing authority’s county.


Requested by: Vinton County Prosecuting Attorney
R.C. 124.57 does not prohibit an employee of a board of health of a general health district from being a candidate in a partisan election.


Requested by: Athens County Prosecuting Attorney
Real property tax reduction for homestead:  income verification responsibilities of county auditor.


Requested by: Coshocton County Prosecuting Attorney
Payment of costs of health care coverage purchased for the judges, clerk, or deputy clerks of a municipal court.

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