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2006 Opinions


Requested by: Department of Health
Licensure and regulation of adult care facilities under R.C. Chapter 3722, preempts conflicting licensure or regulation by cities


Requested by: Treasurer of State
Responsibilities of TOS with respect to serving as custodian of evidences of title of investments purchased by PERS, SERS, STRS, HPRS, PFPF, OTTA, and BWC


Requested by: Mahoning County Prosecuting Attorney
County employee representative on PERS governing board, attendance at board meetings and functions


Requested by: Department of Transportation
Responsibilities of ODOT and county engineers with respect to the maintenance, repair, reconstruction, and rehabilitation of bridges and the roads that pass over those bridges


Requested by: Auditor of State
Application of R.C. 9.23-.239 to contracts of a school district


Requested by: Department of Insurance
Authority of ODI to advise that wire transfer fees may be deducted from interest earned on IOTAs


Requested by: Morgan County Prosecuting Attorney
Use of sheriff’s vehicles for personal errands; family members assisting with transport of prisoners or the mentally ill


Requested by: Athens County Prosecuting Attorney
Compatibility- Serve simultaneously, village street and water department employee and trustee of a regional sewer district established pursuant to R.C. Chapter 6119


Requested by: Department of Public Safety
Tic Tac Fruit


Requested by: Lorain County Prosecuting Attorney
“Night at the Races” is a scheme of chance when patron is randomly assigned a horse to bet upon

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