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Economic Development Accountability Reports

Pursuant to Section 125.112(G) of the Ohio Revised Code, a statute enacted by the 127th General Assembly as part of Am. Sub. H.B. 420 and amended by the 131st General Assembly, the Ohio Attorney General’s office (AGO) is charged with reporting on the compliance of economic development award recipients to awards given by the Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA). 
Each year, ODSA offers economic development incentives to companies for the purposes of expanding commerce in the state, attracting new businesses to Ohio, retaining existing jobs, and training workers with new skills.  ODSA offers economic development incentives through a variety of programs, but the awards reviewed in the yearly audit fall into four main categories: Workforce awards; Grants; Tax Credits; and Loans.  In a typical award agreement, a company receiving an award must pledge to achieve some combination of specified performance metrics by the end of a specified performance period.  These metrics include creating or retaining jobs, training workers, and/or maintaining a certain employee hourly wage. 
The Ohio Attorney General’s Office conducts a yearly review to determine the level of compliance of award recipients with those performance metrics for state incentives awarded and administered by ODSA.  The Ohio Attorney General is required to submit an annual compliance report to the General Assembly.