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Internship Opportunities

The Attorney General’s Office offers opportunities for students to work directly with our talented professionals and learn how our office stands up for Ohioans. Internships are available for college students who are undergrads, and law clerk opportunities are available for students who have completed at least one semester in an accredited law school.

If you are a high school student looking for opportunities to learn about public service, check out the Attorney General’s Teen Ambassador Board.

The office also offers the Simon B. Karas Fellowship to new lawyers interested in appellate law.


College Internships

Students currently enrolled in an accredited college or university are welcome to apply for an internship with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. As a college intern, you will be assigned to a section of the office where you will assist with a variety of tasks. We take great care to ensure college interns have the opportunity to work on meaningful projects.

The office has developed a mentoring program for college interns and also provides them with the opportunity to work with their peers on a group project. An internship at the Attorney General’s Office is an invaluable experience and offers real world experience in the field in which you are studying.

Typically, the college internship program runs during the summer months. Occasionally, opportunities arise for internships during the academic year.

We have closed the process for 2024 summer intern and extern applications.

Law Clerk Positions

Law students who have completed at least one semester in an accredited law school can gain a wealth of experience and knowledge working in one of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office legal sections as a law clerk. These positions are typically available during the summer months and are an opportunity for those looking to practice law in the public sector or simply wanting to gain real-world experience in the legal profession.

The Attorney General’s Office is Ohio’s largest legal organization, with more than two dozen legal sections and 400 attorneys on staff. That gives clerks the opportunity to experience working on motions, pleadings and briefs under a seasoned attorney.

In September, the Attorney General's Office conducts on-campus interviews at all of the major Ohio law schools and typically attends several regional law schools as well, so please check with your university's career services department for more information.

We have closed the process for 2024 summer law clerk applications.