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Protecting Small Business

One of the Ohio Attorney General’s primary duties over the years has been protecting Ohio consumers from scams and unfair business transactions. Historically, small businesses that had been scammed or deceived had not been able to file complaints with the Attorney General’s Office.

Now, businesses and nonprofits may file complaints with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. Businesses often act as consumers in the marketplace – purchasing goods and services from other businesses. And, just like other consumers, businesses can be taken advantage of by others who act unscrupulously.

Businesses should file complaints if they have not received a product in the condition promised, been charged for services that they did not request or had other problems transacting with another business.

File a complaint at or call 800-282-0515.

Complaints and other information sent to the Attorney General’s Office are public records, except for protected personal financial information, such as credit card numbers and Social Security numbers. Sensitive personal information should be removed from any documents or information submitted with a complaint. The complaint will be shared with the business that is the subject of the complaint in order to help resolve the issue.