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Door-to-Door Sales

Ohio’s Home Solicitation Sales Act, starting at Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Section 1345.21, protects consumers from high pressure door-to-door sales by giving them a three-day “cooling-off” period during which the contract can be cancelled. After signing the agreement, the consumer has until midnight of the third business day to cancel.

What is a home solicitation sale?

For the purposes of this law, a home solicitation sale is a sale of $25 or more in which the seller makes an in-person solicitation at the consumer’s home and the agreement is made at the consumer’s home. It also applies to sales made outside a seller’s normal place of business, such as a fair booth or hotel meeting room. Additionally, the law applies when the seller invites an in- person solicitation (such as a flyer encouraging consumers to schedule a home visit from a roof repair company) and then makes the agreement at the consumer’s home.

What does Ohio law require of door-to-door sales?

Under the Home Solicitation Sales Act, a seller must:

  • Give the consumer a copy of the signed written agreement, including the date, the seller’s name, the seller’s address, and essentially the same language used in the verbal sales presentation.
  • Provide a notice of cancellation form notifying consumers of their right to cancel. For more information, see ORC 1345.23.
  • Accept the consumer’s right to cancel the sale, for any reason, within three business days of the sale.
  • Not begin any service or sell any loan agreement the consumer signed until the three-day cooling-off period has ended.

What happens if a consumer cancels a door-to-door sale?

If a consumer cancels a home solicitation sale, the seller must provide a refund to the consumer within 10 days of receiving the consumer’s cancellation notice. If any goods were left at the consumer’s home, the consumer must make those goods available to the seller, who must arrange to pick them up.

Some cities and municipalities may require door-to-door solicitors to be registered. Sellers should check with the appropriate city or municipality in which they intend to solicit.

Door-to-door sales overview:

  • In door-to-door sales of $25 or more, sellers must give consumers three days to cancel.
  • The seller must provide a written agreement and written cancellation notice.
  • The seller may not begin services until after the three-day cancellation period ends.
  • If the consumer cancels, the seller must provide a refund within 10 days.