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Pending Opinion Requests

1/31/2023 Ashtabula County Prosecuting Attorney - 2023OPR004
Whether elected officials have authority to make their own maintenance, repairs, and improvements to county property over the objection of the County Commissioners so long as the county official does not diminish the value of the property.

1/30/2023 Muskingum County Prosecuting Attorney - 2023OPR003
Whether a board of county commissioners may enter into a lease or rental agreement with the local OSU Extension Services office whereby a county may charge for the use of the office space including the cost of providing utility services to the office.

1/30/2023 Knox County Prosecuting Attorney - 2023OPR002
Whether a non-home rule township may establish a death benefit payable to the family of a township employee if the employee dies during the employee's term of employment with the township.

1/17/2023 Highland County Prosecuting Attorney - 2023OPR001
Requesting interpretation of ORC 971.33 and whether it allows landowners or fence builders to demand the removal of trees within four feet of a partition fence.

12/13/2022 Greene County Prosecuting Attorney - 2022OPR020
Requesting interpretation of ORC 4112.02(G) in light of Bostock v. Clayton Cty., Georgia and the Ohio Civil Rights Commission's response to it.

12/1/2022 Wood County Prosecuting Attorney - 2022OPR019
Requesting interpretation of ORC 149.43(B)(7)(c)(ii) in light of changes made to the procedure of scanning and preserving recorded documents.

10/25/2022 Butler County Prosecuting Attorney - 2022OPR016
Whether a county recorder is authorized or required to record memorandums of contracts for which the underlying contract affects or encumbers realty.

8/23/2022 Delaware County Prosecuting Attorney - 2022OPR012
Whether state and local governments can fund abortions and abortion related care using state or local funds and how Home Rule impacts this ability or inability.

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