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Pending Opinion Requests

3/24/2023 Scioto County Prosecuting Attorney - 2023OPR005
Whether a county sheriff is permitted to deny acceptance of an arrestee prior to the person’s confinement in the county jail due to the person’s need for necessary care that the jail physician cannot provide when the person is brought to the county jail by an outside law enforcement agency to be incarcerated and related questions.

1/30/2023 Knox County Prosecuting Attorney - 2023OPR002
Whether a non-home rule township may establish a death benefit payable to the family of a township employee if the employee dies during the employee's term of employment with the township.

8/23/2022 Delaware County Prosecuting Attorney - 2022OPR012
Whether state and local governments can fund abortions and abortion related care using state or local funds and how Home Rule impacts this ability or inability.

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