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Pending Opinion Requests

12/5/2023 Logan County Prosecuting Attorney - 2023OPR013
Whether composting constituetes "agriculture" and several other questions pertaining to township zoning for composting operations under R.C.  Chapter 519.

10/16/2023 Lake County Prosecuting Attorney - 2023OPR012
Whether Marsy's Law allows a victim to request that documents from any type of case be redacted; whether the clerk of courts is required to automatically redact protection orders to avoid unintentional release of protected information; and whether the new Marsy's Law provisions impact the holding in State ex rel. Summers v. Fox, 163 Ohio St.3d 217, 2020-Ohio-5585, 169 N.E.3d 625.

10/9/2023 Madison County Prosecuting Attorney - 2023OPR011
Whether the county engineer has authority to permit broadband installations in the public rights-of-way.

8/31/2023 Holmes County Prosecuting Attorney - 2023OPR010
Whether the language of R.C. 955.50(A) prohibits both the sale and advertising of a puppy under eight-weeks old; and whether R.C. 955.50(A) is applicable to high volume dog breeders as defined in R.C. Chapter 956. 

8/29/2023 Sagamore Hills Township Law Director - 2023OPR009
Compatibility: Whether a Township Police Officer can serve as a local School Board Member for a township completely within the jurisdiction served at the same local school district.

7/19/2023 Delaware County Prosecuting Attorney - 2023OPR007
Whether Ohio Revised Code 9.48 allows a political subdivision to purchase equipment from joint purchasing programs, and does it include the labor to install the equipment.

1/30/2023 Knox County Prosecuting Attorney - 2023OPR002
Whether a non-home rule township may establish a death benefit payable to the family of a township employee if the employee dies during the employee's term of employment with the township.

8/23/2022 Delaware County Prosecuting Attorney - 2022OPR012
Whether state and local governments can fund abortions and abortion related care using state or local funds and how Home Rule impacts this ability or inability.

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