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Training a Community

Unfortunately, unexpected and tragic events such as active-shooting incidents and terrorist attacks have become more common, so communities are working to become more resilient.  Whole Community Training helps first responders, emergency management practitioners, and government officials understand their capabilities and weaknesses when collectively responding to emergency events.
The Whole Community approach engages the private and nonprofit sectors, including businesses, faith-based organizations, and the public.
For this regional class, an instructor will come to an area and work with members of the community to prepare for an emergency event. During the first session, the instructor will assess the needs of the community, determine the best way to organize its resources, and discuss how to prepare for emergency events. The second session will consist of tabletop exercises.

The instructor will help participants with:
  • Defining the roles and responsibilities of responders.
  • Identifying who is missing from the preparation process.
  • Identifying strengths of the community.
  • Identifying weaknesses and figuring out how the community can resolve those issues.
  • Emphasizing the importance of including the government and other community partners.
  • Discussing ways to enhance resiliency.
  • Communicating throughout the process.
This course can be scheduled regionally, as requested. Hosting agencies will need to provide the space and audio/visual equipment.
Cost: $400 per agency
NOTE: Contact Micah Stoll at micah.stoll@ohioattorneygeneral.gov to schedule the training.