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Reporting Criminal Histories

The Criminal Unit processes all arrest and disposition information sent to BCI either electronically or by mail.  From 2018-2019 an average of 20,000 arrests and 30,000 dispositions were added monthly to CCH.  The Unit reviews close to 10,000 background checks (RAP sheets) a month for accuracy and completeness.  Due to legislation, certain arrests cannot be released on a background check without disposition information. Therefore, it is important that all disposition information is sent to BCI so that these records are accurate when a background check is requested. 

What information is required from Law Enforcement agencies?

A complete BCI ten print arrest card with all required information.

Report to BCI any charges that weren’t filed or when a  person was released without charge. This completes the arrest information since the courts will not be sending a disposition.

What information is required from courts?

In all cases, the final outcome of a case for juvenile and adult arrests with the required fields.

What other information do courts need to send to BCI?

  • Not guilty by reason of insanity (NGRI) or mental incompetenency findings - This information must be submitted, even if the determination is pending. This information is very important and is referenced when the FBI NICS reviews criminal histories to determine a person's eligibility to purchase a gun. 
  • Relief from disability findings - This submission must contain full name, date of birth, full social security number and a listing of the case numbers for which the person is receiving relief.  This information must be sent via mail to the Identification Section at BCI, PO Box 365, London, OH 43140.  This information is also very important when FBI NICS is reviewing criminal histories to determine a person’s eligibility to purchase a gun.
  • Ordering modifying or vacating sentences - These must be sent via mail to the Identification Section at BCI, PO Box 365, London, OH 43140. 
  • Sealing orders - The order, signed by the judge, should be sent to BCI with the request for sealing or expungement form. These can be faxed to 855-527-1575 or emailed to
  • When charges are not filed - Prosecutors should share this information with the courts when charges will not be filed in a case, so that the court can report this information to BCI and the associated arrest can be updated.

Contact Information:

Law enforcement may email or call 740-845-2000, option 1. 

Courts may email or or call 740-845-2000. option 1.